Admin Portal

Switch to Admin Portal

When login as an administrator, initially, you are landed on User Portal, click the Profile icon at top-right and select Admin Portal for the switch.

Admin Portal

Profile Menu

Hovering over top-right icon, there is a Profile Menu containing User Profile, Change Password and Logout shortcuts.

Administration Features

  • Groups where Admin can manage groups. See Group Management.

  • Users where Admin can manage users. See User Management.

  • Instance Types where Admin can manage instance types. See Instance Type Management.

  • Images where Admin can manage images. See Image Management.

  • Volumes where Admin can manage volumes. See Volume Management.

  • Secrets where Admin can manage secrets. See Secret Management.

  • Notebooks Admin where Admin can manage Notebooks of users.

  • Usage Report where Admin can review monthly reports of usage. See Usage Report. Enterprise

  • App Settings where Admin can import customized apps. See App Settings.

  • System Settings where Admin can configure system-wise settings. See System Settings.

  • Grafana where Admin can view dashboards on Grafana.

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