System Settings

PrimeHub License

Information of the PrimeHub license:

  • License Status: Activated / Unauthorized / Expired; status of the license.

  • Expiration Date: The expiration date of the license.

  • Licensed To: Name of the organization that issued the license.

  • Nodes: Used/Granted number of nodes.

  • Users: Used/Granted number of users.

  • Groups: Used/Granted number of groups.

  • Deployments: Used/Granted number of deployed models.

License warning

A license issued by InfuseAI contains Expiration Date, Maximum Nodes, Maximum Users, and Maximum Deployments.

When a license has expired, a warning message appears:

Your license has expired. Please contact your sales team to extend your license.

When used node amount > granted node amount, a warning message appears:

You are using more nodes than your license allows. Please contact your system administrator.

When used user amount > granted user amount, a warning message appears:

Exceed Quota - Number of users exceeds license limitation.

When used deployment amount > granted deployment amount + 10%, a warning message appears:

Exceed Quota - Group Maximum Deployments exceeded

System Settings

  • Name your organization.

  • Logo Click + add Image to upload the logo.

  • Default User Volume Capacity the default disk quota for user.

  • Timezone the system timezone.

Email Settings

  • SMTP Host Sends the Sever host location of the email.

  • SMTP Port Sends the Sever host port of Email.

  • From Display Name A user-friendly name for the "From" address.

  • From The From field in Email.

  • Reply To Display Name A user-friendly name for the "Reply-To" address.

  • Reply To The Reply-To field in Email.

  • Enable SSL SSL encryption.

  • Enable StartTLS Supports extended StartTLS.

  • Enable Authentication

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