Build Image

This quickstart shows how to build a custom image by the feature of Images. Here we are going to build an image with fastai v1 library for PyTorch provided by based on the Jupyter base-notebook. is a well-known for free online A.I. courses, please check its site if any interest.


  1. User Portal > Images or Admin Portal > Images

  2. Enter Images management and click + New Image for adding a custom image spec.

  3. Fill Name with group-image-sample (or other name you like).

  4. Choose Build Custom Image

  5. Fill Base Image with jupyter/base-notebook.

  6. Don't check off Use Image PullSecret, a pull-secret is unnecessary since it is a public repository.

  7. Fill Conda field with -c pytorch -c fastai fastai [REF]

    (Due to the full command is conda install -c pytorch -c fastai fastai).

  8. (Optional) Fill APT field with vim (or other tools).

    (Due to base image is Ubuntu base, APT is its package management tool.)

  9. (Admin Portal > Images) Set Global; otherwise specify groups by Edit Groups.

  10. Click Confirm to start the building.

  11. When building is started, click Image building in progress to check the build details and log.

  12. Once the building finishes successfully, there is no triangular exclamation mark as a postfix to the image name. The image is added automatically and becomes available from image selection. Anytime we can click View build details to check the specification.

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