Notebook Tips

Install Custom Software

Users are able to run sudo apt <command> in a terminal of a Jupyter or !sudo apt <command> --assume-yes in a Jupyter Notebook to install required softwares in the environment.

Notebook Logs

Notebooks, sometimes, are failed to spawn or run into troubles because user programs/environments. Now users are able to investigate failures and shoot troubles from logs of Notebook Logs.

Safe Mode

When a user's jupyter pod cannot be launched successfully, try to launch the Notebook under Safe Mode for troubleshooting. If the Notebook can be launched under Safe Mode, which implies two possible causes

  • User's home folder /home/jovyanis full so that jupyter is not able to write its own files successfully.

  • There is something wrong with packages which are installed by users causing problems during Jupyter initialization.

Under Safe Mode, try to

  • Clean up home folder to make space for Jupyter.

  • Uninstall installed packages one-by-one to find out which package interrupt Jupyter initialization.

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