Configure Model Deployment


Here is the advanced configuration for model deployment.

Increase the Timeout of Model Deployment Endpoint

If you find your endpoints need more time for each request, you can modify the following timeout settings.

Increase client-body-timeout

Please check the definition of client-body-timeout in the official doc.

The setting affects globally of whole system, not only model deployment.

Here are the steps to modify this setting:

  1. Check the namespace where the ingress pod is running by kubectl get ns. The default namespace is ingress-nginx.

  2. Check the name of the pod by kubectl get pods -n ${YOUR_NAMESPACE}. The name is similar to nginx-ingress-controller-79cfc6dcc5-m2rhw.

  3. Check the name of the configmap by kubectl get pod -n ${YOUR_NAMESPACE} ${YOUR_POD_NAME} -o yaml | grep configmap. The result is similar to --configmap=${YOUR_NAMESPACE}/nginx-ingress-controller and the name is nginx-ingress-controller in this case.

  4. Edit the config by kubectl edit cm -n ${YOUR_NAMESPACE} ${YOUR_CONFIGMAP_NAME}. Add/Modify the client-body-timeout under the data section.

apiVersion: v1
  client-header-buffer-size: 16k
  enable-vts-status: "true"
  client-body-timeout: "120" # means the timeout is 120sec
kind: ConfigMap

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