Gitsync Secret for GitHub

Add a secret for gitsync on GitHub

This quick-start describes how we have/add a secret for gitsync with a repo on GitHub.

PrimeHub support volumes of type git, in other words, we can use a volume located on a repository via gitsync. What if the repository is private only? Then we need a secret to have proper privileges for access the repo.

Generate deploy public key on GitHub

We need to deploy our public key on the GitHub. There is a nice guide from GitHub instructing how to deploy a public key on the repository, following the guide to generate a key and deploy it on a repo on GitHub.

Add a key as a secret on PrimeHub

Once we have deployed our public key on the repo, we can add the key as a secret on PrimeHub.

  1. Log in as an administrator and switch to Admin Portal.

  2. Enter Secrets management and click + Add for adding a secret.

  3. Fill Name, Display Name(Optional) and select Type Git Sync.

  4. Fill Secret with your public key.

  5. Click Confirm to save the secret.

Now we can add a volume pointing to our private repo on GitHub and select the secret for authorization.

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