PrimeHub features are accessible/restricted to three different level of roles. A user account can become not only a general user, but also a group administrator or/and a platform administrator. Each role possesses different privileges.


Every account has the fundamental user privilege, as long as users who are members of groups are able to perform general user features within a working group from User Portal.

See User Guide.

Group Administrator

Every user can become a Group Administrator as long as Administrator gives users privileges to specific groups. As a Group Admin, you are able to access not only general user features , but also Group-Admin features from User Portal. You are able to add images or even to build custom images for managed groups.

See Group admin features and Group admin role.


Administrators have highest privileges on the platform that besides User Portal, administrators are able to access Admin Portal and all of features on it. As an Administrator, you are able to perform user/group/access control management, resources/quota management. Furthermore, you are able to build custom images, examine monthly usage report, system metrics, even are capable of shooting troubles of certain levels on behalf of users. You are required to overview/plan system-wise managements for users/groups.

See Administration Guide.

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