repo2docker image

PrimeHub could support notebook images built from repo2docker tool, if an images had

  • sudo installed

  • jovyan user is 1000 uid

  • notebook started in Safe Mode

Please install repo2docker tool, before you get started.

Introduce repo2docker

repo2docker is a tool to simplify building a jupyter-notebook based image without giving a Dockerfile. We could put configuration files to make it working with repo2docker.

Build a PrimeHub compatible image

We will use binder-examples to show how to make it compatible with PrimeHub

git clone

In order to make it work on the PrimeHub, we need to add sudo package. It needs an apt.txt file with this content:


After adding sudo, it is time to build an image with jupyter-repo2docker

  • set user with --user-name jovyan

  • set user uid with --user-id 1000

  • configure the docker image tag by --image

jupyter-repo2docker --no-run --user-name jovyan --user-id 1000 \
--image infuseai/tensorboard-repo2docker-example .

If the command will invoke docker to build an image, you could push the image to docker repository and register it on the PrimeHub.

Launch notebook

Users should start a notebook built from repo2docker in Safe Mode, because it might have installed libraries in the $HOME.

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