Create Group

This quickstart shows how to create a new group.

PrimeHub is group-centric. This means that users, instance types, images, and datasets must be assigned to a group. Without being assigned to a group, these elements cannot be utilized, and users will not be able to access any features of PrimeHub.

Groups allow a subset of users to share storage, such as datasets and shared volumes. Available computational resources can also be configured through assigning Instance Types to groups, allowing resource allocation on a per-project basis.

As users can be added to multiple groups, this means they can collaborate on many projects, and access different datasets with specific server resource configurations.

Create a Group

  1. Log in as an administrator and switch to the Admin Portal.

  2. Click Groups in the left sidebar, then click the + Add button.

  3. Enter required information, such as Name

  4. Toggle Shared Volume if a volume for sharing data among the group is required.

    1. Specify the volume capacity

    2. To restrict access to only this group, leave Launch Group Only toggled to yes (default)

  5. Adjust the User Quota resource allocation limit for users in this group (if required).

  6. Adjust the Group Quota resource allocation limit for the group (if required).

  7. Click Edit Users to select and assign Users to this group.

  8. Click Confirm to create the group.

We have now created a group, configured a shared volume and user/group quota, and added users.


In the next quick-start, we will learn how to assign a group admin.

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