When it comes to DevOps, we may arrange downtime of nodes for regular maintenance several times a year, however, for the sake of impact reduction of our service, we keep some of nodes continue to be available for providing the service, and shutdown other nodes in shift. In this case, initially we label all of nodes with service=on

kubectl label nodes node1 service=on

and apply a nodeSelector on every instance types when creation by NodeSelector on Admin UI so that they, initially, are able to to be scheduled on any nodes labelled with service=on.

When a maintenance comes, we label some of nodes with service=off

kubectl label nodes node5 service=off

afterwards newly spawned projects are scheduled only on nodes with label service=on according to the nodeSelector. We can do maintenance on these nodes with service=off when no running pods.

Then we bring these nodes of out-off-service back to service with the label service=on.

kubectl label nodes node5 service=on

Repeatedly, we make some nodes service=off/service=on in shift until whole maintenance is completed.

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