Pull Secret for GitLab

Secret, is a credential for proper permissions on repositories or registries.

Add a image pull-secret

This quick-start describes how we have/add a secret dedicated to pull an image from GitLab on PrimeHub.

PrimeHub supports to pull an image from a Docker registry. But what if the registry is private only? Then we need a secret to have proper privileges to do it.

Generate a deploy token on GitLab

We need a deploy token generated from GitLab as a secret on PrimeHub for accessing a private registry on GitLab. Luckily, GitLab has a nice guide instructing how to Creating a Deploy Token of a specific repo.

Following the guide to have a deploy token and keeping the pair of Username and Token safely since they are only displayed once otherwise we have to re-generate a token again.

Add a token as a secret on PrimeHub

  1. Log in as an administrator and switch to Admin Portal.

  2. Enter the Secrets management and click + Add for adding a secret.

  3. Fill Name, Display Name(Optional) and select Type Image Pull.

  4. Fill Registry Host with registry.gitlab.com.

  5. Fill Username and Password with the token generated from GitLab.

  6. Click Confirm to save the secret.

Alright, we have added a pull secret for our private GitLab registry, then we are able to use it to pull images. Once we add an image description which is located on our private GitLab registry on PrimeHub, we have to select this secret as an Image Pull Secret.


We, of course, can add secrets not only from GitLab, but also secrets from other sources, here are some references.

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