Job Artifacts Simple Usecase

This simple tutorial shows where to store generated data so called job artifacts during a job execution in artifacts/ which is under a PHFS storage /phfs/. This storage is shared among same group members.


  1. Go to Jobs from User Portal and create a new job.

  2. Confirm the current working group.

  3. Select a instance type and image for a job.

  4. Fill in Job name with artifacts-simple.

  5. Fill in Command; it creates a directory artifacts/ which must be specified for storing generated artifacts. (Or creating a symbolic link of the other directory points to artifacts/ works as well.)

    mkdir -p artifacts/simple
    date > artifacts/date.txt
    date > artifacts/simple/date.txt
  6. Use default timeout setting and submit the job.

Once the job succeeded. View the job and generated data from tab Artifacts. Here right click on a link to view the content or to download a file.

Memorize the Job ID.

From Notebook

From Notebook we can check these artifacts under phfs/jobArtifacts/<JOB_ID>/.

We also can see other job artifacts which are submitted by same group members. Under our JOB.

We can find these generated directories/files (job artifacts).

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